Our favourite Luxemburger born Nascar racer Gil is about to make waves in the American racing world, by being the first European to participate in the Pro Latemodel Series, where most of the Nascar cup racers got their career defining start!

It feels like just yesterday that I wrote about Vergecurrency dot exchange
The Verge Currency exchange powered by our partner Change Now.

Well I want to share you the news that soon the Verge Community will be able to buy $XVG directly for now on the ChangeNow.IO website, and in the near future on VergeCurrency.exchange.

And now coming right on the heels of the announcement from our partner ChangeNOW.io Users can buy XVG with the EURO, as well as USD.

Having a new partner Guardarian.com allows ChangeNow users to buy digital assets using Fiat, read more on the ChangeNow blog here.

April 2021

Before we go on to the exciting stuff starting to happen, let’s do a recap since the last Vergecurrency Marketing update.

We’ve said many times that we share the news when it happens, and we do. But let’s face it, when the Verge Community gets going, a lot happens quickly, so marketing updates are useful again. The Verge team is 40 volunteers, which means we work to maintain the blockchain, and the community while having our day jobs. If you want news, be like our new graphic designer Cityboi, and make the news; we are all volunteers after-all.

We had…

So what exactly went down?

Some person or persons, shadow mined Verge creating a longer sidechain, hoping to take over the existing one. They did this by getting some hash power to nodes hosting the fake chain.

At this time, the community began to worry and safeguards were activated resulting in disabled services(exchanges, 3rd party wallets, etc). Thanks to CC and Maxius, who sounded the alarm.

After a boost of hash power to nodes hosting the malicious chain was turned on, regular nodes started accepting the ‘new malicious chain’ as the correct order of things. …

The headline Rebecca Quick, CNBC, and wallstreet don’t want to publish.

Shoutout to twitter user @migbike for making this article possible.

There is a speculative bubble that will burst, caused by angry social media users v. speculative shorters.

It started when reddit users from r/reddit decided to yolo their investments into GameStop ($GME) due to big firms shorting it.

This is a reverse story of David and Goliath, as David is sitting in the throne unpunished from the greed that caused the 2008 recession, was struck by angry redditors who decided to fight back.

Melvin Capital already folded, because goliath slept no more and decided to #OccupyWallstreetTrades

The original #Occcupy movement failed and now random people of the internets, united against Wallstreet are piling in, putting value in different companies to liquidate the shorters.

I’ve compiled the majority of questions here.
For the live device viewing fast forward check it out here. 01:46:20

Leave a comment with your questions if you have any!

Big thanks to Roy, for helping me get the timestamps out.

Question: What is the role of Verge in the Voice Life ecosystem? Why did you choose XVG blockchain only ? ? Is it exclusive?
Answer: Yes it is exclusive.

Question: There were mentions of Smart contracts, how will those work?

Question: Are today’s devices (like smartphones) capable of receiving power directly from a Wireless Power Network transmitter…

Voice Life Inc. Showcases Wireless Power For The 21st Century With NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator Technology At CES 2021 Showcase

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — (PR Newswire) — 01/08/2021 — Voice Life Inc. today announced Its digital presence at the CES 2021 Showcase launching the Life-Line Power Connect platform based upon a terahertz-based scalable network designed for far field wireless charging, is creating the next advancement in the capability to charge, maintain use and availability of smart phones and other electric-based products and devices. The platform uses NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) technology to enable quick network discovery, authentication and to facilitate the wireless energy reception.

Voice Life with VergePAY is creating a wireless charging protocol within a “smart contract” model…

We all know something is cooking during #CES2021, where Mark & Justin will the fruit of a new partnership with Voice life. If you have not yet heard, read up the press release here.

2020 was a year, which prompted much change for a lot of us, that’s why we produced a who is verge in 3 parts to highlight the largely distributed verge community, its different social media parts and who are the key players. …

Tap. Pay. Go.
It’s that easy.

In what is surely a first for the realm of mobile crypto wallets, #XVG now offers NFC (near field communication payments) with the combination of torproject for locational security of its users.

Using NFC allows our users to pay any Verge currency accepting merchant, with a simple tap, akin to Google Pay or Apple Pay while offering security by hiding the location on the blockchain.

With the NFC capabilities for the iOS wallet, Verge Currency is pushing towards mass adoption to make digital currency use as seamless as a Google/Apple Pay. …


English teacher/editor Canadian living in Germany. Verge Currency editor.

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