The Tesco Fiasco

What if we told you that in our suburb of London, in an area that already has high air pollution & lack of accessibility; Tesco parking lot was to be turned into a set of high rise towers, in a suburb that doesn’t have the capacity to deal with more!

Sign the petition to stop this development:

We aren’t against more developments, or more housing, as there is always a need for housing. But this development is being made without consultation from the community, or the nearby schoolyard. Quite literally building toxic towers into the neighbourhood!

Let your voices be heard, don’t let the Tesco towers turn into a fiasco!
Sign the petition:

They could have asked the community what they needed/wanted.

but instead, they just dealt with it privately and privately decided to do with the land. Private companies showing how little they care about the people affected.

‘“Chadwell Primary School has 52 students with asthma and Barley Lane Primary School (also ten minutes away) has 50; both schools are concerned and have objected to this plan.

They could have asked the council how best to work with us.

“The developer will try to assure you with fancy arguments that everything will be fine but this is a house of cards.”

Ward councillor Cllr Neil Zammett (Lab, Goodmayes) — speaking for himself and his colleagues Cllr Chaudhry and deputy leader Cllr Rai — expressed concern about the effect on traffic.

He told members: “We are not opposed to development per se. We are very conscious of the housing crisis and often deal with the heart-breaking consequences in our own ward.

“But the junction remains a pinch point and we think the developer could do more to improve traffic flow.”’
Exert taken from Yellowad

Sign the petition here:

Contact your council member and tell them to stop the Tesco Towers.

Correspondence address for all Councillors:
C/O Town Hall
128–142 High Road

Seven Kings Ward:
Cllr Pushpita Gupta
07810 701488

Cllr Sareena Sanger
07741 164830

Cllr Bob Littlewood
07583 001692

Mayfield Ward
Cllr Jas Athwal
Leader of the Council

Cllr Ayodhiya Parkash

Cllr Kay Flint

Chadwell Ward:
Cllr Hannah Amirah Chaudhry
07741 195803

Cllr Bert Jones
07741 904721

Cllr Anne Marie Sachs
07813 363430

MP for Ilford South, Redbridge
Sam Tarry, MP
House of Commons

Telephone: 020 7219 6807 and 020 8478 6781

Our key aim is to persuade the Mayor to call in the application, the GLA website explains this to mean.

Mayor’s power to direct refusal

Under article 6 of the Mayor of London Order (2008), the Mayor has the power to direct refusal on an application that has been referred to him. All of the applications where the Mayor has directed refusal can be found on the direction to refuse applications page.

Direction that the Mayor is to be the local planning authority

Under article 7 of the Mayor of London Order (2008), the Mayor has the power to direct that he will become the local planning authority for an application. These are commonly referred to as ‘call-ins’, ‘public hearings’, ‘representation hearings’ and ‘Stage 3s’.

To be able to take over an application it would have to meet the following three policy tests; as set out in the order:

the development would have a significant impact on the implementation of the London Plan

The development would have significant effects that are likely to affect more than one London borough

There are sound planning reasons for intervention.

Please refer to the order for a definitive explanation of the policy tests.

For more information or to see the applications that the Mayor has called in see our website on the public hearings page”

If you could write to Sam Tarry MP and Keith Prince to call the application in it would be much appreciated.




English teacher/editor Canadian living in Germany. Verge Currency editor.

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English teacher/editor Canadian living in Germany. Verge Currency editor.

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